Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun with the Kids

I thought while I was updating my blog I would post a couple of fun shots of my son Beckham and my daughter Riley.  Riley wasn't really into it, but Beckham loved the idea of taking some photos in his Indian Jones Halloween costume.  We changed up the background a little, took some fun of him trying to be all serious like.  I let him come up with the idea's I just tried to capture them.  It was a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy them.

Sophia's Maternity Photos

On the weekend I met up with Wayne and Sophia at their home to take some pictures of Sophia's belly. I haven't seen Sophia since her belly really started to show, and she looked great.  Both Wayne and Sophia couldn't stop smiling talking about the birth of their first baby due in March.  We had some fun with some wardrobe changes and little changes in the background.

Wayne and Sophia will make great parents, both are very loving and generous souls.

Enjoy every moment, first only happen once :)

The McCafferty Boys

Katie came over with the boys to surprise daddy (Marty) with some new updated pictures.  

We set up the lights and had some fun with the kids, Kohl loved the soccer ball, and Easton may one day play baseball for the Jays. You could see him light up when tossing the ball in the glove.