Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kicking it in the Nations Capital

Celebrating a Goal
 In August the team I help coach with my friend Chris the Boys U-9 Darlington Stikers played in our last tournament of the season in Ottawa.  The boys have had a good year and it has been a lot of fun watching the kids grow.  This tournament was special since it was a growing experience for all involved, the kids the coaches and the parents.  We watched the boys play hard in every game including the final game, as we went late into the Championship game with a team we know very well from our own league the Oshawa Turrell's.  The score was tied 2-2 at the end of regulation time.  The boys went on to score 4 of 5 Penalty Kicks to decide the winner of the tournament.  It was gut wrenching, as a coach of these great kids, as the parent of the Goal Keeper, and knowing that a group of boys will be celebrating the 4hr drive home, and another group will be let down after getting so close.  Fortunately for us we came out on top, and will be a game I will never forget.
The Joy of scoring :)

Making a Save in PK Shoot Out!
Jumping for Joy after winning the tournament :)
One Weekend I will Never Forget

Baby Jordyn Cooper

The other day I got to meet the beautiful Jordyn Cooper, just a couple of years ago I had the pleasure to photograph Kym and Justin's wedding.  So this was a big thrill for me to see this young couple venture into the wonderful world of parenthood and experience the joys only some get to.  Parenthood is hard work but the the joys will always out weigh the work involved.  The Cooper family came over to my house and my makeshift studio for a couple of hours of fun shooting.  Now if only Jordyn would stay awake when we needed her to, and fall asleep when we hoped she would.  But anyone who has had a baby knows that isn't always the way.  We still took advantage of the moment and got off some great pictures, and I would like to share them with you here.