Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Wedding of Kervin & Tamica

On Friday I had the opportunity to take part in an extra special event.  The wedding of Kervin and Tamica was held at Nestleton Waters Inn which provided a picturesque backdrop for an outdoor wedding but also allowed for many personal touches given by the hands on staff.  Immediately following the wedding ceremony Kervin and Tamica chose to have their son, Ocean, dedicated to their faith in front of their friends and family.  Ocean, dressed perfectly for the big day of both having his parents get married but also to be dedicated, was unbelievably well behaved and offered up so many giggle filled smiles it made my job that much easier!  A horse drawn carriage brought Tamica, her Mom and Dad to the ceremony site and then brought Kervin and Tamica back to the front of the Inn afterwards.  It was a nice touch which added an extra flare to the day.  Overall the weather cooperated and I was able to share in a great even with a fun family.  Being a witness not only to Kervin and Tamica's wedding but also to Ocean's dedication was an experience I will not soon forget. 

 Thank-you, David

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Service & Reception -
DJ - David Greenidge
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leah III

Taking advantage of a sunny spring day I met up with a fantastic family of three; Carolyn, Ryan and Baby Leah in a park and take some pictures.  We've met repeatedly in the past few years ever since I had the pleasure of shooting Carolyn & Ryan's engagement shoot, wedding and and now their little tot. We have been meeting about every 3-4 months and will continue until Leah turns one at which time we will have a full years worth of photos to create a photo book of memories showing their little one grow from infant to little girl.  
I just love this picture, maybe not the best quality photos.  Leah kept getting closer and closer until she could see in the lens :)
 Cheers, David

Clarington Thunder

Hockey Season has finally ended and we are now fully into soccer and other summer sports.  So I thought I would share some photos I took for my son Beckham's Hockey Team.  One I posted is because it's Beckham's favorite as he scored on a breakaway.  I love the photos however quality wise it's not the best. It's a little dark and I had to shoot through the protective glass.
Hope you like them.
Cheers, David

Catching Up

 I'm a little behind in my blogging - my apologies!  I thought I would load a few pictures to show what I was up to while we were all cooped up in our houses over the long winter.

All the photos were taken in my home - a little re-arranging of furniture and bingo! We have ourselves a small studio.  And when working with little ones it helps to have toys from my kids to play with.  Everyone likes to play with new stuff.  I was happy to see many of my past brides visit with their little ones for some individual and family shots. Four of the kids are actually from my first year of shooting weddings  just before I decided to try my passion for photography professionally.

Cheers, David

Sunday, May 15, 2011

E Session with Tamica & Kervin

 The wedding season is now in full swing for me, and its an exciting time.  My first shoot for the week was with Tamica and Kervin who are getting married later this month at the Nestleton Waters Inn.  Its a beautiful place and I'm excited for the beautiful couple.

We met up at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Scarborough.  The park is not yet in full bloom but we took advantage of the beautiful and different suroundings in this little park.  We had a great time laughing lots, even if they laughted at me and not always with me, it was still fun.  And the best part was to see them glow in laughter and smiles that people would kill for.
So here are some of my favorites from the day, hope you like them.

 Thanks Tamica and Kervin