Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pat and Jessica's Engagement Session

I met up with Pat and Jess at a beautiful park in downtown Oshawa called Valleyview. This was my first time in the park and will not be my last. Who knew the "shwa" had such a beautiful park in the middle of the city. The session was a lot of fun and went by very quickly. I simply asked the couple to sit or stand in a place and just let them be themselves.... as much as you can be yourself knowing there's a guy holding a camera and a large zoom lens looking right at you.

I know that I usually like b&w photos over colour. But this time I loved the way the colour seemed to just pop on Jessica's shirt, that and both Pat and Jessica's eyes just brought that little something else to the shots.

Thank-you Pat & Jess for a fun evening!
Can't wait for the wedding- should be a lot of fun.

Kohl McCafferty Take II

We were back to see Kohl and the family months after taking his first set of pictures. Boy how the boy has grown, and how well his brother Easton has taken to sharing the attention with his little brother. And his thumb, ha ha. We took a few pictures including the ones here with some bubbles, and the very large pencil and ruler set made by Kohl's Mom and Grandpa.

Thank-you, Katie, Marty, Easton and Kohl