Sunday, December 9, 2012

Little Evan

 Little Evan is the 1st child of one of my oldest friends who just so happen to marry one of my wife's oldest friends.  Even was fantastic and every new thing we brought out for him to play or pose with turned out to be a lot of fun, especially when he had a great idea to try and roll all the Christmas balls away to his mom, with the odd bouncing ball too.  Here are just a couple of my favorites from the day.


The Read Boys

Kristina brought over her boys for a fun photo shoot, its a lot of fun shooting kids with a lot of energy, not always so easy to get them to sit for a posed shot but these boys were great.  We mixed in some fun as you will see in the last photo of the boys.  Lukas & Brady are great big brothers to their little brother Liam who was born with PFVS or Norrie’s disease, this is a rare condition that has already left Liam blind in one eye, as the family does everything they can to help Liam's left eye gain some light and vision.  I won't go on here but if you want to know more about Kristina's fight to help Liam's sight, you can simply google Liam Reid.  I knew Liam loves music, so while the older boys played around we turned up the music as Liam sat in his favorite mini BMW ride along car. He was singing and giggling and simply enjoying himself as you can see in the next 2 photos.  I had a lot of favorite photos from this day but the last one of the boys in their mock band was great.  Liam was hitting away on the drums as the boys were pulling out their innner Bieber as young stars.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Whidden II

One of my favourite things about being a photographer in this community is meeting families and building a relationship with them year after year.  It is amazing to see a family grow and change as kids get older and parents get wiser.  I was able to meet the Whidden family last year and we had a great first experience together.  I was super excited to have the opportunity to get together again in 2012 to do a 2nd shoot.  They are a fun loving and close family; always up for any pose, flashing smiles and sharing giggles along the way as you will see in the photos in this post.  


And Now There Are Four

If you have been following my blog over the years, you might recognize this family with one small exception.  I first met Carolyn and Ryan when I was hired to photograph their wedding back in 2008, a young couple out there making a difference in our community.  Both teachers and wonderful people.  I had the pleasure of photographing them as a family with their first baby Leah many times, and here we are again this time with one new addition.  Three month old Reilly and is he ever cute!  We got some cute pictures of the family in many different poses, and the last photo in this post worked really well when I first tried it last year for a Christmas photo that I had to try it again this year.  It works really well with the baby getting some tummy time and reaching for the balls.

Portraits with the Z Family

This was a fun shoot, Chris and I coach the Darlington Boys U10 Rep Soccer Team that his son Logan and my son Beckham play on together.  The boys have known each other since JR Kindergarten.  Along with mom Filva, and little man Nick, we went out on the last nice day in November for some photos down at the lake in Oshawa, the boys brought their fedoras, big smiles and great attitudes. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wedding of Colby & Stephanie

 Shooting the wedding of Stephanie and Colby did not seem like work - it was just plain fun!  Mother Nature cooperated with us and we managed to take some great shots at a variety of locations.  Starting off at Stephanie`s parent`s home we could tell the bridesmaids were excited and ready for a great day.  All Saints`Church, a gorgeous renovated church following a fire a few years ago, proved to be a great spot for shots inside and out.  

Although the bridal party was big everyone was great to work with and when we went to Cullen Gardens, despite the weather being a little chilly, we captured some group shots amidst beautiful autumn colours!  Deer Creek is always picturesque and the spirit of relaxed fun continued.  

Stephanie and Colby were up for any shot, any pose, any scene and they were fantastic.  It was an enjoyable day with a super group.  I hope they are as happy with their photos as I am.

 This is one of my favorites.  Colby started the dance with his mom in a formal style taking him moms hand, when the dance progressed he could sense the emotion his mother was feeling, and just brought her in tight to hold her close to him as the dance came to an end.  

Reception Venue - Deer Creek


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Portraits

 Each year around this time I drag my family out to take some pictures at this little park close to the home.  Its a wonderful like park with a small forest of Maple Trees.  We get the kids to sit on the same rock and use the colour of the trees as a backdrop.  Its great to see how this little rock years ago was huge compared to the kids, and its extra special to see how they have grown in comparison to the rock.
Here are a few of my favorites.


Portrait Session with the Taylors


This family session was a lot of fun, Tanya and I first met a few years ago when she was the hairstylist for my first paid wedding shoot.  Sure it was a friend and didn't pay very much but it was a great day for me. And on that day I met Tanya and we have been friends ever since.  So when Tanya said she wanted to take some photos with her full family I knew it would be a fun day.  Not only is the family beautiful, they are a lot of fun.
Here are a few of my favorite from the day.

 Thanks for a fun time, David

E Session with Colby and Stephanie

Stephanie and Colby invited me to their new house to take some engagement photos.  Talk about being busy, buying a new home and moving in just weeks before your wedding is gutsy, this is one couple who could handle it.  For a young couple they really do have a good handle of what being in a relationship is all about.
Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day.  The wedding will take place on Oct. 20th in and around the Durham area.

Thank-you David

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kicking it in the Nations Capital

Celebrating a Goal
 In August the team I help coach with my friend Chris the Boys U-9 Darlington Stikers played in our last tournament of the season in Ottawa.  The boys have had a good year and it has been a lot of fun watching the kids grow.  This tournament was special since it was a growing experience for all involved, the kids the coaches and the parents.  We watched the boys play hard in every game including the final game, as we went late into the Championship game with a team we know very well from our own league the Oshawa Turrell's.  The score was tied 2-2 at the end of regulation time.  The boys went on to score 4 of 5 Penalty Kicks to decide the winner of the tournament.  It was gut wrenching, as a coach of these great kids, as the parent of the Goal Keeper, and knowing that a group of boys will be celebrating the 4hr drive home, and another group will be let down after getting so close.  Fortunately for us we came out on top, and will be a game I will never forget.
The Joy of scoring :)

Making a Save in PK Shoot Out!
Jumping for Joy after winning the tournament :)
One Weekend I will Never Forget