Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Never Say Good-bye

This is a first for me. I have always kept my blog on my photography, however today I feel the urge to say good-bye to someone I would like to call a friend even though it was for a short time, or in the words of Evan Dando of the Lemonheads, "...a bit part in your life". I had the pleasure of working for Chris Smith Management, and met many great people. However the one person I think of the most often is Haydain Neale of jacksoul. I have so many great memories of a beautiful person who was always very positive and kind and, in my opinion, was a musical genius. I know the band didn't sell millions of albums, and that's is no way to judge what is good in music. Let's look at Aqua, Britney Spears and many others who have sold millions of albums.

I have great memories including one time stuck at Pearson International Airport for 24hrs on our way to NYC, the whole time he was making everyone in the band and crew laugh. The time in Hamilton at the Junos when I had to take him shoe shopping in the mall because he forgot his shoes, while everyone looked and smiled at us. I thought so much of Haydain I wanted to name our first child after him, I lost out to my wife's first choice of Beckham. It was around the time I was working with jacksoul that I met my beautiful wife, and the song, "Never Say Good Bye" was 'our' song... It was an easy choice to be out first dance on our wedding day.

I could go on about how important that short time with Haydain was and how he made a large impact in my life. I'm saddened by the thought of never seeing Haydain again, however I was blessed to share some of his time and I will forever be grateful.

My thoughts and prayers are with Michaela, Yasmin and his family, bandmates, friends and especialy his mother who raised a beautiful soul.

I was so excited to purchase my first DSLR that I wanted to make sure I had it before this performance of jacksoul at the Beaches Jazz Fest in 2004.

"I think music can heal and educate. If Jacksoul never makes another recording, I'll always be proud that our music was a positive force for not just love between couples, but love of self, community and the world."
Haydain Neale

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Wedding of Heather and Blair

This past weekend was a bit of mixed emotions for me. I love what I do and this has been a very busy year for me and my business. And for that I am eternally grateful. However this was my last wedding for 2009. I had the pleasure of meeting Heather last summer when she was a bridesmaid for Jennifer and Ryan's wedding. It was great to see Jennifer again, since I haven't seen her since the birth of her baby boy Owen. Only this time she was in the pretty blue dress instead of the white wedding gown. The wedding of Heather and Blair went off perfectly, how can you complain when you get married in November and you have the opportunity to go outside for
formal shots of the Bride and Groom? I know the girls who flew up from Florida didn't think 13 degrees was so balmy, but the rest of us from the Great White North felt like it was a summer's day. We had a large wedding party and lots of family pictures to take and I couldn't thank the Maid of Honor Brittney enough for getting all the groups ready when it was there time. And while I'm on the thank you path, thanks to the family and bridal party who were fantastic, kept everyone loose, entertained and good looking too.

Heather and Blair, I wish you all the best as you both begin your lives as husband and wife with your beautiful girls Shawna and Olivia.

Photography - http://www.davidescorcio.com/
Venue - http://www.royalashburngolfclub.com/

E Session with Ali & Brad

I met up with Ali and Brad at Union Station in Toronto. Ali and Brad where looking for something urban and contemporary. With the weather being very unpredictable days before the Engagement Session we thought Union Station would be a good bet as we could find some covered area in the downtown core. However we were quickly asked to leave Union Station by security since we didn't have a permit. We found our way over to the tunnel between union and the Rogers Centre, when Ali told me a cute story about their first date at a Blue Jay's game, and how the seats they purchased had a two foot space between them, not exactly what you're looking for when you hope to get close to each other on a first date. We had a lot of fun taking photos in and around the tunnels and in front of the Rogers Centre. And to top things off we had a local, how would you say... 'a person of no fixed address', tell us that he was a member of the Thompson family and could get Ali and Brad a beautiful place to stay for free at the family island for their honeymoon! It was all in good fun.
I hope you like some of my favorite photos from the day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Leyes

I was really happy when Emily gave me a call. I first took pictures of Emily, Christian and Colton back in April 2008. This time we were getting together with Christian's brother, Mike, and his family as well. Mike and his wife Jen have a perfect little family as well with Brady and Myanna. We met at local park in Courtice on Avondale which proved to be perfect with a playground for the kids to use between posing for photos. The back drop of a small forest with maple trees in all different stages and colour.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

The Walker-Welch Family

I just love my job...

The other day our friends Lisa and Stephen called. They were going to Lisa's grandmother's 80th birthday party and needed an updated family picture. I arrived at the house with only a few minutes to shoot- but the family was ready! All in their matching white shirts they are one of the most beautiful families you can meet both in body and spirit. Smiles were huge and laughter surrounded us with Brooklyn and Quartez.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Wedding of Mike & Tania

It was a crisp autumn day- perfect for a photographer but chilly for a bridal party! The entire wedding for Mike and Tania was held at 4 Season's Golf and Country Club in Claremont. Right from the start the day was filled with excitement and energy. Mike and Tania are such a well matched pair, loving and supportive of one another, and there was no more obvious reflection of this as when they exchanged their vows...

The bridal party was great and although the temperature was cool they were more than willing to take some shots outside capturing the colours of the season. Ever the gentlemen the groomsmen were without their jackets more than with them while outside however overall Mother Nature seemed to be on our side. Great day filled with great memorable moments.

Photography - www.davidescorcio.com
Venue - 4 Season Golf & Country Club www.2golf.ca
DJ - Dennis from www.skipabeat.ca

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Wedding of Dalton and Stacey

Stacey & Dalton's wedding day proved to be the culmination of their 9 year courtship and as one would expect the day was full of excitement and even a few nerves. However as Stacey rounded the turn into the tent where she and Dalton would marry the nerves washed away and a calm was felt as they were together as bride and groom before a room full of their friends and family.

I captured some pre-ceremony shots at Dalton's parents house. It was very laid back and relaxing which set the tone for an enjoyable day. The ceremony was intimate and once completed we headed outside to a wedding garden for family and bridal party shots. Stacey and Dalton were ready and were hustling family members in and out of shots and had others 'on deck' for the next series. It was great! The bridal party was very friendly and once it was time to just spend time with the bride and groom the easy going attitude first established in the morning was still flowing free.

Overall it was a great day. The weather cooperated, the mood was joyous but relaxed and Stacey and Dalton proved to be a great couple willing to try or do anything spur of the moment to capture a shot. Thanks for letting me be a part of the day!

Photography - www.davidescorcio.com
Venue - www.toscabanquethall.com

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Engagement Session with Mike & Tania

I met up with Mike and Tania today at Cullen Gardens in Whitby, to our surprise a kids party was happening at the same time. It took everything Tania and I had to hold Mike back from jumping in the jumping castle with all the kids. We had a fun time taking advantage of the different heritage homes and covered bridge. Mike and Tania arrived with big smiles that lasted right till the end. Can't wait for October 17th for the wedding day, I know it will be a romantic day with two people that are made for each other. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the days session.

The Wedding of Lesley & Peter

The wedding day of Lesley & Peter was full of high energy. I started at the bride's parent's house and the air was ripe with anticipation for the ceremony. The day was perfect with warm temperatures and sunny skies. We went outside for some shots of the bride, her bridesmaids and parents. Upon arriving at the 4Seasons Golf and Country Club in Claremont everything was running on time and a calm was set when Lesley and Peter saw each other for the first time as she was walked down the aisle by her Dad. The ceremony was on the golf course overlooking the picturesque 1st hole.

We captured some family and group shots, including photos of friends and family who had travelled from Germany to share in the day, before scooting away in 2 golf carts provided for the Bride and Groom and photographer. It was quite the experience to be flying around the course finding great areas to shoot, including a fantastic metal bridge spanning a pond, with the great looking couple racing behind me!

The reception was wonderful with black, red and white colours accenting the room. Lesley and Peter scooted into the reception on their golf cart and the night began! Great day! Great night!

Photography - www.davidescorcio.com
Venue - 4 Season Golf & Country Club www.2golf.ca