Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baby Jordyn Cooper

The other day I got to meet the beautiful Jordyn Cooper, just a couple of years ago I had the pleasure to photograph Kym and Justin's wedding.  So this was a big thrill for me to see this young couple venture into the wonderful world of parenthood and experience the joys only some get to.  Parenthood is hard work but the the joys will always out weigh the work involved.  The Cooper family came over to my house and my makeshift studio for a couple of hours of fun shooting.  Now if only Jordyn would stay awake when we needed her to, and fall asleep when we hoped she would.  But anyone who has had a baby knows that isn't always the way.  We still took advantage of the moment and got off some great pictures, and I would like to share them with you here.


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Kym said...

Love Love Love the pictures of Jordyn! You have such an amazing talent David, we love you!!