Sunday, March 3, 2013

Axxess Hair Design

My friend Tanya, asked if I would be interested in another photo shoot, since her and her friend Stephanie, owner of Axxess Hair Design in Whitby, Ontario were entering another contest.  This time it was a L'Oreal Colour Contest!  I was asked if I would like to be the photographer for the session.  This was my 3rd with Tanya and I have enjoyed each one and was looking forward to this adventure.  Tanya had one model Alison, whom I had met at a previous shoot and seem to bump into at the oddest places especially Canadian Tire - go figure.  The other models, Janice and Renee, were just as beautiful and wonderful to work with as was Stephanie. 
It was a great day and it didn't take long for everyone to get comfortable, please remember these woman as beautiful as they are, and there is no doubt they are beautiful, are amateurs and friends of the stylists and not professional models.

The models and the artists.
Thanks girls for a great day, David

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