Friday, July 24, 2009

DUET Durham Ultimate-Frisbee Elementary Tournament

I was invited out to photograph an Ultimate-Frisbee tournament for grade school kids in Durham. This was a very pleasant surprise. I have never been to a Ultimate-Frisbee tournament, nor have I been to a tournament with over 500 grade school kids since I was in grade school myself. I was impressed with the organization that went into this event, 50 teams, on 11 different fields and no referees. Each team with a teacher or two volunteering their time. I even met one team of grade 7-8 kids that were the most polite and genuinely nice kids. When I asked where the coach was, they told me she was here with two teams and that one of the students was in charge. The teachers and parents of these kids should be proud of themselves.

There where no playoffs, or tournament winners. Spirit of the Game and Sportsmanship are what this tournament is about. The spirit shown through in each kids smile as they scored or chanted and cheered for the other team at the end of the game. I truly enjoyed my day and thought I would share a couple of my favorite pics from the day.

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