Monday, August 31, 2009

The Wedding of Wayne & Sophia

Talk about a great day! I really enjoyed spending the day with Wayne and Sophia, their friends and family. Getting together with Wayne and his groomsmen kicked started the day and I knew right away we were in for a good time. Charismatic and out-going the guys were easy going and great to shoot. I then met up with Sophia and her girls, who again were really fun and spirits were running high.

The church service was beautiful and was really topped off by an outstanding solo by a close friend of the bride and groom; Rhonda. What a voice! We then headed to a local park and green house where the scenery provided an excellent back drop to some full bridal party shots and even allowed me to catch some more intimate shots of Wayne and Sophia.

The reception proved to carry on the excitement and energy of the day. Overall the day was a photographer's dream- clear and cool. I hope Wayne, Sophia and their bridal party had as much fun as I did.

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